Introduction To Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC training is known as a training program taken by all professional drivers in the United Kingdom. Some of the types of training that drivers should have to improve their skills and knowledge about their professionals are training CPC for PCV drivers and CPC for HGV drivers throughout the country.

These types of CPC training are just in effect last September 10, 2008 and last September 10, 2009 for PCV drivers and LGV drivers respectively. Professional drivers have to obtain a license and professional competence certificates and they will need to pass the CPC for HGV drivers in order to be able to drive PCV, LGV and HGVs according to legal provisions, and these certifications are renewable for every five years.

There are two parts in a driver CPC training for HGV and PCV drivers. To be able to driver their vehicles along the streets and avenues in the United Kingdom, new PCV and LGV drivers are required to undergo into initial qualification section to be eligible for professional driving. The initial qualification of CPC training consists of four hours of theory testing and two hours of practical examination. After these, there will be a periodic training to be attended by new and old professional drivers. Periodic training requires a total of 35 hours of training for every five years. As soon as the professional driver obtains his or her driver CPC, he or she has to retain its value and effect by taking and completing the 35 hours of training within five years time that is provided for them. Visit for more facts.

If you ask where the period training takes place, they are completed in an approved training center, as required by agencies handling standards of driving. For passenger transport vehicle and freights transport industries, the approvals procedure is administered by the councils for sector skills. When talking about logistics, there are various skills groups that handle CPC training for freight transport and passenger transport.

To get a good grip of the requirements of their professional driving jobs, CPC trainings provide bus and lorry drivers with a better picture of how they will go on their everyday careers. These CPC trainings for drivers also help promote safety of these drivers and present a good career development to motivate them. Among the many topics that CPC for PCV Drivers cover include road safety, being aware of hazards that help avoid road accidents and environment appreaciation. The CPC training is also known to teach methods to save money on fuel consumption and tips on maintaining the care to avoid depreciation, wear and tear. In summary, CPC training for drivers uplifts their professionalism as it provides them with a high quality of service across many streets in the United Kingdom.